Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life is SOOO unpredictable readers.

WOW!  It's been one of those summers.  You know the kind ... the ones people call the dog days of summer.  Except in my case, my life seems to be like the dog in this story book.  My owner's dad became really sick.  So she had to resign her position in Arizona and move back to Texas.  We packed and packed and packed.  I didn't know there could be so much stuff.  it was all going so fast I tried to stay out of the way.  Didn't want to end up in a box myself.  Anyway, I want you to know that even though it's hot in Arizona, it's worse in Texas.  I shed enough black hair on the two-day drive to Fort Worth for my owner to knit a sweater.  It was terrible.  Then I had to stay at a pet resort, which truth be told, was pretty nice.  Except for the bath part.  Well, I such lost a lot of hair in that process, too.  Once my owner found a new home, I got to move in with her.  Unfortunately, things really went south then.  Her dad just got worse and worse.  He passed away 13 days after we got here.  She was really sad.
     Now, she is working and is doing better.  Every now and then, I can see she still gets sad and I try to cheer her up.  You know, jump on her, chew up something, or throw my wet rawhide chew on her so she will play with me.  Sometimes it works.  I think I can say I know how the dog in this story feels now.   Except for the watching his own TV part.  Is it ok to say I am looking forward to the fall and maybe getting some of my hair back?  Bark at you all later.

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