Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life is SOOO unpredictable readers.

WOW!  It's been one of those summers.  You know the kind ... the ones people call the dog days of summer.  Except in my case, my life seems to be like the dog in this story book.  My owner's dad became really sick.  So she had to resign her position in Arizona and move back to Texas.  We packed and packed and packed.  I didn't know there could be so much stuff.  it was all going so fast I tried to stay out of the way.  Didn't want to end up in a box myself.  Anyway, I want you to know that even though it's hot in Arizona, it's worse in Texas.  I shed enough black hair on the two-day drive to Fort Worth for my owner to knit a sweater.  It was terrible.  Then I had to stay at a pet resort, which truth be told, was pretty nice.  Except for the bath part.  Well, I such lost a lot of hair in that process, too.  Once my owner found a new home, I got to move in with her.  Unfortunately, things really went south then.  Her dad just got worse and worse.  He passed away 13 days after we got here.  She was really sad.
     Now, she is working and is doing better.  Every now and then, I can see she still gets sad and I try to cheer her up.  You know, jump on her, chew up something, or throw my wet rawhide chew on her so she will play with me.  Sometimes it works.  I think I can say I know how the dog in this story feels now.   Except for the watching his own TV part.  Is it ok to say I am looking forward to the fall and maybe getting some of my hair back?  Bark at you all later.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love One Another

Oh, no, readers.  Our hero's wife Eve has been hiding the fact she is ill from everyone but the dog. This cannot be a good sign.  Shouldn't she tell her husband; after all she said she loved him.  It sounds serious, too. Prof. E. N. Glish


"What are you watching?" he asked when he came in, asked it as if I were Eve or Zoe, as if it couldn't have been more natural to see me there or address me like that.  But Eve was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Zoe was with her; it was just me.  I looked at him and then back at the TV, which was reviewing the day's major eevent: flooding due to heavy rainstorms on the East Coast (Stein 33).

Can you imagine?  He actually was asking his dog about what he was viewing.  And then he saw it was the weather report and he switch the TV station to Speed Channel and then asked his dog if that channel was better.  Can you just imagine that one?  It gets better....he said he would leave it on all day long for that 4-ped critter.  Now, folks, it just doesn't get any better than that for that there dog.  So where did I go wrong?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life as Man's Best Friend

You know that sometimes you have to see the vet yourself.  You know for the check ups and shots so you don't get sick. 
Now back to the story.  Our narrator was a young puppy when his Dad found him and took him home.  He remembers how that went and even told us about when his Dad found a girl and married her. He seems like he felt left out of his Dad's life when that happened.  The girl took over the entire house and our hero was L-O-S-T.  I can feel for him.  It happens all over the place.  Prof. E. N. Glish

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The owner just set up an appointment with the VETERINARIAN.  Dolly

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chapter 1: Young vs. Ancient

"I've always felt almost human.  I've always known that there's something about me that's different  than other dogs.  Sure, I'm stuffed into a dog's body, but that's just the shell.  It's what's inside that's important.  The soul.  And my soul is very human." (Stein 2-3)

This guy is nuts.  If thinks he is the only dog out there who believes in making it to the big time, I say he's more than nuts.  Sometimes, . . . when I get a chance to look deep into the eyes of my human family members . . . I see that they almost get me.  ME.  Little ol' me.  Like the dog in this story.  But, something there is that does not love a "dog".  Yeah, I a Robert Froster, too.  I like my place on this planet.  #1 dog companion that knows more than most.  I LIKE being there when the times are not so good to help out.  I am important in the scheme of things.  Don't need no mo' issues like . . . turning into a human when dust turns to dust.  So, what's in your brain cells?  Give 'em a scratch ifn they've gone stale with age.  I'm list'n.  Dolly--and lovin it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have my own interpreter

Here she is...My Dolly. She is 1 year old and very spunky!