Monday, February 15, 2010

Chapter 1: Young vs. Ancient

"I've always felt almost human.  I've always known that there's something about me that's different  than other dogs.  Sure, I'm stuffed into a dog's body, but that's just the shell.  It's what's inside that's important.  The soul.  And my soul is very human." (Stein 2-3)

This guy is nuts.  If thinks he is the only dog out there who believes in making it to the big time, I say he's more than nuts.  Sometimes, . . . when I get a chance to look deep into the eyes of my human family members . . . I see that they almost get me.  ME.  Little ol' me.  Like the dog in this story.  But, something there is that does not love a "dog".  Yeah, I a Robert Froster, too.  I like my place on this planet.  #1 dog companion that knows more than most.  I LIKE being there when the times are not so good to help out.  I am important in the scheme of things.  Don't need no mo' issues like . . . turning into a human when dust turns to dust.  So, what's in your brain cells?  Give 'em a scratch ifn they've gone stale with age.  I'm list'n.  Dolly--and lovin it.

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  1. Now, Dolly, be kind. And...I am glad you like being my dog. I do too.